NFTs enabled lots of artists to gmi. We want to use the potential of NFTs to fund early-stage research on longevity and other domains. Our goal is to democratize access to these IP-NFTs and create more funding opportunities for researchers.

What it does

We fractionalize IP-NFTs and make them tradeable on We're using an custom ERC-721 IP-NFTs and fractionalize these into a Fractional Vault (ERC721 -> ERC20). We use TheGraph to add custom metadata and Uniswap to provide liquidity.

What's next for

We'll polish the UI, create a proof of concept for VitaDAO and create more research DAOs using fractionalized IP-NFTs.

Built With

  • graphql
  • solidity
  • subgraph
  • thegraph
  • uniswap
  • vue.js
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