Many people lack that ability to gain awareness around some of the simplest conversations that they are having, and other have disabilities that prevent them from being able to continue streams of conversation and stay involved. That was were Fractal Hive was born, as a AI based assistant used to help provide better insight and increase awareness about relevant topics, associated facts, public opinion, and sentiment scores on content being discussed either in the public or in your private group chat. Fractal Hive servers as a proof of concept related towards building out a real-time conversational awareness AI into a simple group messaging application.

What it does

Fractal Hive is a conversational AI used to increase awareness packaged in a real-time messaging system. Lets say you and your friend are working on a project and are discussing potential sources of information, all you have to do is send a quick description of what you are working on and request either public opinion or facts and our build in messaging assistant with find relevant facts/opinions to support your opinion. Now lets say you and your friends we're brainstorming topics and rain out of ideas, you can provide the AI with a couple of your brainstormed ideas and it will start generating similar topics for your group to ponder. Lastly, lets say your group finalizes what project they want to work on but wants to double check the political correctness and associates with the topic, the AI with generate a sentiment index that reflects how the public views your topic. Our Project uses AI in a very easy to use messaging format to provide awareness, assistance, and content around whatever they may discuss.

How we built it

We didn't sleep much ;). We divided the project up into a couple waves of development. The first one was building out the AI. Our goal was being able to at least interface with it through the command prompt that once we hit that point we branched off and started working on additional features and a messaging application to house the AI. We started these 2 Saturday night and finished early morning.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of challenges with using, building out, and integrating the models for our conversational AI. It was had to train and get the program to respond with relevant content and make positive contributions towards the awareness in the group.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We 're pretty proud that we were actually able to take our project from an idea generated late Friday night, to fruition.

What we learned

We learned an array of different things throughout the development of this project, including using conversational models to analyze, predict, and generate new context and text and user gained experiences/information. We learned about building real time messaging applications, communication protocols, and docker containers.

What's next for Fractal Hive - An AI based approach to awareness

We want to find some good partners to help us continue development and get Fractal Hive integrated into all types of messengers.

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