This app aims to recreate experiences I had in lucid dreaming state: -fractal flow -3D object creation -fireworks -looking at earth from space

What it does

It gives you a menu first, where you can choose where you want to go. If you stare at buttons then you will be taken to the aforementioned scenes.

How I built it

I've built it using Unity 3D and C#. Durovis Dive SDK for headtracking.

Challenges I ran into

Performance was a problem for the Cardboard stuff. I had to simplify many things

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Particle Flow part I am quite proud. Even I got addicted to it :)

What I learned

It is relatively easy to

What's next for Fractal Flow VR Lucid Dreaming

1.Better the headtracking (Maybe change from Durovis Dive SDK to Cardboard SDK) 2.Optimize exit sign placement in scenes 3.Make a version where the choices are also above your head so that you can use it while lying in your bed. If you enter using the "bed buttons" then the experience would be optimized for looking upwards. 4.Make a short video showing the app. 5.?Maybe make a 360 degrees video? 6.Create a new scene?

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