Mathematics is beautiful, sometimes it is nice to put on a pair of glasses to help see it! With this project I offer a new type of glasses that will help show you some of the symmetrical mathematical beauty.

What it does

For this project, it will be utilized for a beautifully smooth fractal traversal visualization. This is similar to the idea within the zooming into a fractal, however this only explains one frame of the visualization overall.

How I built it

Tied together lots of research papers.

Spent my first few hours at the hackathon asking questions about everything I could to try to discover helpful resources around me.

Worked for 21 hours with minimal breaks, what do you want an actual breakdown of my time?

Challenges I ran into

Compiling code against different library versions... tensorflow + tensorflow gpu + tensorflow.js, all just for compiling different sections of code, this was fun to learn about!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Out of the 5 major goals I set for myself I got to a usable API for two parts. For two more of them I had to compromise and utilize a model that existed online so that I could save time. For one of the ideas it turns out that I went a different direction due to complexity in the minimized model creation.

What I learned

I am getting quite good at charting out a project idea for myself, however I need to decrease the final tie together, or potentially drop a part earlier. Overall I learned more about implementation of newer ways to work with machine learning.

What's next for Fractal Embedding


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