Inspiration: A conversation with a friend of ours on a ride to Dayton.

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What it does: It provides a fun way to learn and motivate yourself to be aware of your financials.

How we built it: We started from scratch from designing the modules to hosting on Amazon-EC2 services.

Challenges we ran into: We are beginners in Web Development and first-time users of Cloud platform. Hence, many animations we imagined gave us really hard time during building and implementation

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Honestly everything that we built, but mainly the use case that we came up that made sense and was feasible to complete with a quick learning curve.

What we learned: Coding (Java-Script, Flask,HTML5), How fun it is to Build something from scratch, We have learnt that we need to brush up our financial knowledge as well!

What's next for FQ: Building more games that focus on particular aspects like loans, mortgages etc.

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