It's 2020! People plan to travel to Mars and you still carry your wallets/phones for shopping?

What it does

You literally don't need any material/devices to pay for your shopping anymore. Just pay with your fingerprint with a simple one-time registration.

How I built it

An App is built and is connected to a fingerprint reader which the shopkeepers will be having. Users can register themselves and link their bank account with a simple one-time registration and don't worry about forgetting your wallet or phones for payment ever again.

Challenges I ran into

Matching fingerprint, Firebase

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Did it alone! Single membered team

What I learned

Learned to work with SDK and backend

What's next for FPay - A biometric Payment App

Optimising the FP algorithm and making it efficient and implement it in our society.

Built With

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