We were inspired by Axie Infinity, hands down. Our project is largely a reimagined version of Axie Infinity with one key difference; players do not have to pay in to play. By removing barriers to entry we hope to reach a wider audience thereby exposing more people to the value of blockchain assets.

What it does

At this point, it is sadly just a whitepaper with some concept art but the vision is to have a play to earn game involving the battling, breeding, trading and leveling up of fox-like creatures, called, "Foxels".

How we will build it

Some technologies are to be determined but interaction with the Ethereum blockchain is core. As such, we will likely utilize a popular JavaScript framework with Solidity. We will have have components of the game governed, at first, by the core development team but might look to decentralize once the game has it's quirks worked out and we feel that it meets a certain level of success. At that point development would shift away from the core system to focusing on adding new features.

Challenges we ran into

We are early in the process, so I have no doubt we will run into multiple challenges along the way. The biggest challenge thus far has been figuring out the mechanics of the biggest idea our game introduces; this thought that anyone can play without having to shell out money or get a scholarship to get started. This idea is a game changer (no pun intended) but it also presents a huge challenge, namely; how can you create a system that people get in for free yet that system produces enough meaningful engagement for players to have the potential to earn while they play. We have addressed this by gatekeeping the profitable parts of the game behind many necessary and purposeful user interactions. For instance, when you first start you will have to go through an interactive starting tutorial. Only upon completion of the tutorial will you be given your "starting foxel" with full abilities. We are also going to take great pains when designing the game, to make it so that starting foxels rarely are worth anything on the open market - the next generation of your foxels will be worth more since the player will have added value through interacting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Simple as it may be, we are proud of the concepts detailed in our whitepaper. We are also proud of our concept artist who did a great job with limited understanding of the full scope of the project.

What we learned

Time, effort and intentionality are the only way to create anything meaningful in this world. Maybe that was more of a reminder.

What's next for Foxel Universe

The very next step is working out the foxel genetic system and hiring a graphic designer to create the assets we will use. Exciting stuff.

Built With

  • ens
  • procreate
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