Many students are not aware of the amazing resources/opportunities that they could take advantage of because of the societary barriers that have been an underlying factor in their community. We each look back at the challenges we faced as minorities saw opportunities that were wasted because we were never informed. We do not want the future generation to look back at their past and regret it as much as us. Because of this, we created a website that will familiarize students with opportunities that could help build them in life and in their career.

What it does

We created a sleek, easy to use UI that contains information on different programs/scholarships for our users; this will give them the ability to find and take advantage of different opportunities and push them forward in their career and life. This interactive website collects user's information. From here we run a scrape on the data, then it compares with our data and provides the user with a list of organizations and scholarships that the student can benefit from.

How we built it

The build process was broken up into fragments that can be easily handled by each of our team members. We put more emphasis on the UI since it was the face of the application. We continued to gather feedback on the UI from others to gain insight on how easy it is to use our website. We also took the time to constantly update each other to address major problems to be fixed and speed up the process.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into was the creation and set up of a Postgres database on windows operating system. From here we had issues with the authentication to access the database and coming up with a simple UI that would be easy to follow while gathering the most useful information.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our proudest accomplishment was the design of the application. We were able to simplify the process of providing users with the most valuable information that they would use to progress and take advantage of. Another great accomplishment was coming together as a team to come up with an impactful idea that would benefit others like us.

What we learned

We learned many things throughout this process but most importantly was the idea of coming together to discover how others alike have faced similar challenges and how they have overcome them. With this, we brainstorm to eventually come up with this app.

What's next for Fourword

We challenge the world to stand with us to better acknowledge the disadvantages that minorities face and continue to improve and eventually eliminating these obstacles. Our official site will work to parse and implement the data in a resume more efficiently to give its users a more widespread set of opportunities for them.

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