What if you can bring your drawing to life?

We started brainstorming with two questions: What is "Mixed Reality" and how do we create a product that can interact with an environment?

As all avid media consumers, we started tossing around different cool mixed reality technologies that we could bring alive from tv shows to games. What if we made Sims What if we could stand in a middle of a house and life, that you just built in a few hours yourself? What if you could draw the house in 2D and watch the 3D walls pop up as you draw?

What if you no longer needed to convert angles, change perspective, etc. to draw a 3D model on a 2D surface?

Imagine this: you draw one line -> A wall pops up you draw 2 lines -> 2 walls pop up you draw a square -> You've got your first room you draw a bed in your square -> Your 3D bed pops up within your FourWalls

What it does

Our app allows you to draw anything on a piece of paper and in real time each line will pop up as a 3D structure. By default each line is a wall, however, the app utilizes Computer Vision and Google's Quick Draw API to recognize different doodles. The corresponding 3D model will then replace the doodle in AR/VR in real time. Users, such as architects, can also look at their 2D blueprints and see their 2D model come to life as a building they can interact with, change, orient, etc. Urban planners can combine multiple buildings and incorporate simulations to build green houses, prevent wind tunnels/ disasters etc. Fashion Designers can edit fabric, material, etc. on a 3D model that they can modify for size, shape, height, etc.

How I built it

Magic Leap, Google Quick Draw API, Unity ... TBD

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for FourWalls

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