FourSquare Analytics for analyzing the foursquare data (user and venue data).The website makes use of google scripts inorder to get the current address based on the lattitude and longitude values.

As of now we are doing some analytic's for users Leaderboard where we are showing a the bar , line and radar chart. Also exploring venue where we are showing a charts for all the users.

With the Leader board , one has to connect to foursquare , by just clicking on the button for 'Connect to Foursquare' upon authentication , the page will be displayed with user id and authentication key. Then we will have to click on 'Get Leader Board' button in order to get the results about our leader board. A chart is shown based on our Leader board.

It's a simple and small project developed using the following technologies


  2. Bootstrap Framework for theaming and little responsive design.

  3. Google Map scripts and related things to show maps.

  4. Chart.JS for rendering bar, line and radar charts.

  5. Makes use of FourSquare and Google Geo coding libraries.

For more Information regarding this project, please refer the code sample and explanations that I have uploaded in MSDN Code Samples -

Here's an article that I had publised in CodeProject -

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