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Finding a good bathroom is essential to the human condition. FourPly makes it easy to make smart bathroom choices. Once you're there, FourPly becomes your bathroom companion. Leave your mark with virtual AR graffiti and see what others have left behind. Find out where the person one stall over got their awesome shoes with anonymous chat. And if you are in a jam, call for an emergency toilet paper delivery with Postmates.

What it does

FourPly lets you:

  • Discover nearby bathrooms
  • View and create virtual Augmented Reality graffiti on bathroom walls
  • Read and leave reviews on bathroom quality
  • Chat anonymously with fellow bathroom-goers
  • Order emergency supplies like more toilet paper or a change of clothes with Postmates

How we built it

FourPly uses custom OpenCV image processing for our flagship feature - virtual AR graffiti. The rest of the app uses Parse for data storage and Firebase for real-time chat.

Challenges and learning

Quality AR in bathrooms is challenging - everything from different lighting conditions to different stall door materials to complex tile patterns makes pattern recognition challenging and computationally taxing. This is an area we'd like to learn more about to improve the performance of FourPly and future machine vision projects we embark on.

What's next for FourPly

Bathroom checkins, badges and achievements, improved AR functionality, who knows. Don't forget to flush!

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