We built this because one of our team members spent dozens of hours to creating his plan to become a software engineer eligible for medical school and with the ability to take courses in commerce. There should be a way to easily input your desired major and get back all your pre-requisites and thus 4yearDegree was born.

What it does

Asks for your Faculty and Major and presents course data and pre-requisites for that program.

How I built it

We scraped UBC websites to aggregate all course information, and then created a website to display this info.

Challenges we ran into

UBC does not have standard formats for displaying course information so this was by far the most difficult challenge. Some faculty websites would have tables while others would only have a paragraph of text to describe the program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully pulling so much data from dozens of UBC websites into one place.

What I learned

We learned React.js, and a couple of team members learned how to use MongoDB.

What's next for Four Year Degree

We are going to add in the ability to move around your plan as you choose and delete courses you don't want to take. Additionally we want the ability to input grad school programs and receive pre-requisite courses for those as well.

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