How to make Finland change from a quick transit airport to become THE #1 attractive destination to increase the competitive advantage of the Finavia airports in the fierce European airport game?


We make Finland the #1 coolest travel destination on your European tour that leaves you hungry to experience our country in real life. We start with the four seasons that are implemented in a way that helps you find your gate fast and efficiently while having fun. Our solution gives you rest, when you need it but also let’s you live life as a Finn if you have time to kill. Let us try it out!

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Really cool, huh? Wouldn't you want to work for a #1 company that goes the extra mile for all its clients?


Value for Finavia:

The client expectations are continuously rising. To stay as the #1 airport also in the future, our solution helps Finavia meet the increasing demands and make Finland an attractive destination for the growing Asian traveller segment.

Value for Asian customers:

The client WOW lies in the smooth, efficient and fun travelling that exceeds their expectations. We give the passengers a possibility to rest and experience real Finnish life style with all the senses.

Next steps

We find the appropriate partners, and implement one season to one section of the non-schengen area of the airport. We measure the influence on the client satisfaction and iterate the solution to be the #1 in the world. The future roadmap can include more technical and personalised services by using, AR, VR, AI and robotics.

How we built it: Design sprint process

1st Iteration: Research and Problem Definition

We started out our weekend by collecting problems, solutions, customer characteristics and open questions for various aspects of the airport experience based on the research material and issues raised during the airport excursion. We collected all these ideas to color-coded post-it notes and grouped them on the wall of our cabin. We had a lot of great discussions within the team and with Finavia's representatives to figure out what's the biggest problem we could tackle during the hackathon.

2nd Iteration: Validating the Problem

Based on all this we decided to focus our work on Asian passengers who are having a stopover in Helsinki before continuing further in Europe. We then built a persona for whom the solution would be designed to. We validated our target group with Finavia representatives who gave us some additional insights on the problems they have with this customer segment. They told us that the biggest problem with this customer segment is that they arrive to the airport around the same time in the afternoon and continue to Europe very quickly during the early evening rush hours. Finavia would like to get some of the Asian travellers to stay in Helsinki overnight to smoothen out the peak demand.

3rd Iteration: Ideation and Concepting

We decided to continue working on this problem by trying to find a way to make Finland a more attractive stopover destination for an overnight visit. We mapped out the customer journey of our persona during this kind of a stopover to determine potential pain points in the journey. We made two kind of customer journey's to our persona Chung, 47 travelling from Beijing: as-if situation with potential problems and an ideal future customer journey that tackles all the problems and exceeds the customer expectations.

4th Iteration: Brainstorming

We started our brainstorming session by moving away from our table to the lounge area. There we spent 10 minutes individually to come up with a free flow of ideas on how to improve the airport experience. We collected all the ideas together and grouped them under specific themes. Then we moved to the sauna and decided which groups of ideas to focus on. We landed on two themes: Finnish nature, and education and technology.

5th Iteration: Prototyping & Testing

We split our team into two groups. One group prototyped the nature themed ideas and the other focused on the education and technology topics. During this process we realized that the nature related ideas are faster to grasp by the busy customers at the airport. The eduction and technology related ideas could be better usable in later phases of this development for customers, who need to kill time at the airport.

To literally step into the shoes of the passengers, we build a real world prototype of all four seasons for different kind of customer needs. We used drama as a method to test the different customer scenarios in interaction with the all the four seasons.

Extra Material

Built With

  • brainstorming
  • concepting
  • customer-journey
  • design-sprint-process
  • diamond-design-process
  • drama
  • expert-interviews
  • persona
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