Do you want to live a healthier life, with full energy in the morning? Do you want to form and maintain good habits for health, in the easiest and shortest way?

Surely everyone says "yes", because everyone likes to live a healthier live with family and friends.

Four habits make it easy to help you to achieve this goal. Four habits is a gear app that will be your life companion in the process of gaining health in the shortest way.

All you need is just very little time every day and a Galaxy Gear with Four habits installed. Four healthy habits included:

  • Drink a glass of water after wake up.
  • 10 sit ups in the morning.
  • Sleep enough every day.
  • Meditation in the early morning or at bed time. Research says that these are simple action but huge impact on life and health, even "add 3 years to your life".

Four habits is designed in simple, iconic and very easy to use.

Four habits provides simple function that will help you achieve your goal:

  • Statistical and analytic tool to show up your result in visualize way.
  • Alarm to remind in case you miss.
  • Completed habit deletion or continue to tracking.
  • 4 habits running in the same time. Just no more than three clicks to reach all above functions. Start Four habits building today to see your health improvement immediately.
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