It is a very simple application, that simply displays the locations of water (drinking) fountains in Vancouver using the Bing Map API. Furthermore, the application displays your current location on the map as well. Our target user is to any Vancouverite who has the interest, the drive to harness the simplest of enjoyments, and the desire to save the environment by reducing water bottle consumption.

We decided to join this hackathon as a reason for renunion. We are friends since high school, but since we attend different universities, we were not able to see each other often; we all have some experience in coding, and so we decided that this hackathon will be a perfect opportunity for us to spend quality time with each other while developing coding skills and educating each other with our own coding experiences. As well as just having a bit of fun!

Despite this being out first go at a c# Windows application, we feel that we have done a pretty good job! We feel proud to have learned a lot during these few hours in the hackathon to build such an elegant (and simple :) ) application and would like to thank all involved for helping us and making this event possible. In the future, we are thinking that we want to add features such as:

  • Have you found a water fountain that is in need of repair?
  • Perhaps one that is perfectly located for your needs?
  • Well soon you will have the ability to rate and comment on individual water fountains.
  • Also are you in for a bit of fun? Well soon you and all your friends can post selfies with the fountains with a the ability to see all the fountains our great city has to offer.

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