It was difficult to find friends at music festivals, or visiting them in an unfamiliar location.

The application tracks and returns a very precise set of GPS coordinates, and pairs a picture with it. The android application stores all of the coordinates along with their photos in an SQLite database, and allows you to set the coordinates along with the photo through and SMS message, leading them straight to you. You can also use the application to track non-moving targets, for your own convenience, such as where you parked your car, or a particular building/ intersection that you need to return to later.

Challenges I ran into

It was very difficult implementing the application with my teammates. We all worked incredibly hard, and took on some really tough challenges as software developers. We had to write and debug a lot of Java for Android. My teammates also to tackle challenges such as precise geolocation, writing the class for a smartphone camera, administering the SQLite database, and having the information communicate with a RESTful API that a team member wrote from scratch.

What's next for Foundet. (Geolocation Android App)

We want to continue sending the information via POST request to the web service in order to use the information for civic purposes. This information could track high foot traffic, and be harnessed for limitless responsibilities, such as determining popular areas of commerce, or even determining which spots are less populated at certain points of the day, for crime prevention.

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