80% of startups fail--even ones that go through accelerators. My vision is to change that number and help more startups succeed.

I've been running tech companies for the last 13 years. My last startup failed after we raised funding and went through Techstars, and I wrote about it publicly on my blog at erica.biz.

I received hundreds of emails offering support and advice. The sheer magnitude of the problem hit me as founders poured their hearts out. Many were days away from closing their doors or being unable to make payroll.

I realized that if I'd had a peer group of trusted founders I could reach out to and share real stories with, my startup would have had a better chance of success. And, from daily posts on Secret to the hundreds of emails I've received, it's clear this is a problem that needs to be solved.

FounderSupport.Net is the realization of the first step toward helping founders connect with each other in a real way. And today, at YC Hacks, it launches!

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