We wanted to build a platform that helped women from underserved communities. In our group, we all know women that have been hit by breast cancer, and we learned about the high mortality ratio among women coming from developing countries and how the number of cancer cases are increasing with the new habits in their societies.

This platform had to be free of charge, easy to use and could reach out to anyone with a smartphone.

What it does

It's an app that creates a community for women suffering from breast cancer, in a very close enviornment despite being a digital platform. We want to offer a place were survirors can share their experience and inspire others and those suffering from cancer can talk to people that can relate to their situations.

We've realized that women from under served communities often have nobody who they can speak to, or they can't access wellbeing experts to talk about their case.

How we built it

We didn't know each other, and in fact we're sitting in London, 2 different cities in China and Tokyo. That's why we started using Miro to share ideas and several platforms as Canva, google slides, zoom, figma... to prepare our prototypes and share feedback.

Challenges we ran into

Building a social network platform that tackles a social and healtchare issue is sometimes difficult to turn into a business platform. We wanted the platform to be self sustainable, so we thought that building an affordable marketplace and having specialized advertising for a specific group that the healtchare industry wants to reach out to, could make it possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working remotely with very different time zones and having come up with such a complete idea with a functional prototype, website, pitch, coding... in only 2 days

What we learned

Cross collaboration with people from very different backgrounds (design, business and coding) and to use different tools as Miro and Figma

What's next for Found

We would love to pitch this idea live and talk with cancer patients to hear more about what they think about our solution, and the struggles they faced when they had to suffer their illness and if they ever felt hopeless and in need to talk to someone, even if its through an app.

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