By the time you spend 5 seconds in reading this post, one child in the world had died out of hunger. And it keeps going on. We live in a world where 1/3 of the produced food is being wasted which is completely edible. Throughout the long chain in the food industry, everyday a huge number of food is wasted by producers, super markets, retailers and consumers. Australian producers throw away between 20 and 40 percent of all food produced to meet cosmetic standards. Retailers also throw away food that nobody buys. Australia produces enough food to feed 60 million people, but millions of Australians don't get enough food on a daily basis. Farmers and retailers spend money of growing and refrigerating food that will end up in landfill. What can be done with this food and how can it be transported to the people who are willing to use it?

What it does

In our journey, we have found that the food industry has been controlled by a handful of people. As a result, a simple mistake can lead to massive destruction. We have created a platform where producers, distributes can directly sell to the consumers. having direct access to consumers farmer will be able to sell products that are just "too ugly" for the supermarkets but certainly have demand to a mass majority of people. Potential customers could range from restaurants to small businesses to the general public.

But what about product that still cannot be sold on our platform? That's where we aim to reduce waste even more. Vegetables and meat that cannot be sold, can be purchased by us and processed into pre-prepared products for anybody to enjoy. Using the Sous Vide method, we can preserve the food while retaining nutrition and flavor, while also making it easy to prepare. This provides opportunities to partner with more local services or to potentially run the production ourselves,

How We built it

We created a Webapp using HTML, java script, bootstrap keeping it responsive and user friendly. Our target was to get traffic from the OPNs (other people networks) to our platform. To get the organic traffic we created a more social experience to do the job. In Tasmania, we are privileged to have access to excellent agriculture resources. Tasmania's main produce includes carrots, potatoes, onions, beef, lamb, seafood, dairy, apples and berries. Our platform will be open to any vegetable, fruit, meat or seafood products from producers or retailers, regardless of cosmetic deformities or size regulations. For processing into pre-prepared products, we will be focusing on purchasing meat and vegetables, products that can best be used to create reheat-able, preservable meals.

Challenges I ran into

Our challenges are the following:

As they rent out those expensive cooking machinery, we are hoping to utilize it to run low on our cost.

  • Transportation : It will be very hard for us to go and collect unwanted vegetables by ourselves. We are hoping to create partnership with major retailers and companies who are responsible for collecting farmers waste and cut down the logistics cost.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Throughout our journey, we have accomplished quite a few things. We got a deeper understanding about the food industry and it will keep us to spread the news of not wasting food from now on.

Is it possible?

When we researched deeply about this project we found the idea to be very much feasible and it is a matter of time that someone do it. We are hoping to start it small at Hobart only to do the MVP.

Our monthly costs will include the following:

  • Equipment renting: 100$
  • Ingredients: 100$
  • Vegetables(1500KG): 2250$ (even if we buy for the same rate as whole sellers)
  • Vacuum sealed bags: 450$
  • Transport cost: 600$

Total cost: 3500$

For that much investment our possible monthly revenue will be:

  • Product featuring (15 features/day for 5$): 2250$
  • Ads on webpage(for 10,000 view in a month): 15$
  • Selling processed food (5$ for 250gm): 15000$

Total Revenue: 17265$

What's next for FOUD!

We do want to keep the idea of FOUD! a reality. So we will be trying to get in touch with the big retailers and also the producers organizations to grow our business beyond Tasmania. Within 5 years we want to license this business throughout Australia to process collected food and sell it using our name. An estimated investment of 50,000 AUD and some good mentoring can help us make it the future standard of Food Industry globally which works to stop food waste and hunger by lowering prices of food.

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