We want to help the increasing population in the foster homes, to get a home which is ready to have them. The foster children bounce around from one home to another if they get assigned to parents who not ready, this has a bad impact on the mindset of the children.


With foster Experienced foster parents can signup to as trainers to train and educate wanna be foster parents, future foster parents and wanna be foster parents can sign up as trainees. Foster pairs up trainers and trainees with maximum similarities so they can relate more with each other

Challenges we ran into

While we were building this project, we realized the limitations of the python bottle. We also had initial difficulties match the profiles of the trainer and the trainee. We also had some difficulties since we used an online platform, While this platform allowed us to collaborate easily and type the code in real-time, it kept crashing and hence, we had slight difficulties in terms of synchronization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successfully able to match the trainers to the trainees according to the profile(i.e number of foster kids, age of the foster kids and their location.

What we learned

We learned that perhaps python flask would have been a better option as compared to the bottle.

What's next for Foster: Have a Heart Give a Child a Start

Since this service is solely volunteer-based, we hope that this platform can reach a wider base of audience and allow parents to connect to each other such that they can provide a better environment for their foster children.

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