I was developing my side project called fotofall for quite some time and published it two weeks ago. It's basically a TweetDeck for images but it wasn't anything more than just a more complex pictures aggregator. PhotoHackDay4 presented itself as an opportunity to hack in an upload functionality and also to try reimagine what it could be.

What it does

The upload photo feature provides you with "Sparrow" like approach to composing your edits. On your left side you'll have a pane with an overview of all you drafts (sent/scheduled etc). Right pane will give you all the details. The killer feature is "COMPARE" option, where you can iterate over your edits with the power of Aviary & EyeVision combined. Each edit gets its own aesthetics score and the best scored edit will get uploaded to EyeEm.

How I built it

I used mjolnir library for networking, potato for dynamic, persistent & observable storage. Communicated EyeEm's vision for the image recognition & scores. Aviary provided the editing suite. Rest was just a matter of translating ideas to the working code.

Challenges I ran into

I've spent 6 hours trying to fruitlessly integrate 50 MB of Creative SDK with my App. Apk size increased from 5MB to 55 MB - it would compile but it would not run due to some linkage error. In the end I avoided putting the whole SDK with a sneaky 4 line intent call. Still loving the Aviary product though :*

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Trying out edits and getting instantly scored teaches you what to do and what not to. Some results might really be surprising. It's a machine deep learning from humans and then teaching other humans!

What I learned

Don't sleep. Sleep is for the weak.

What's next for fotofall-upload

You can see the SADTROLL tabs, no?

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