We thought that it would be interesting to spread awareness of the contamination that the waters along the New York City has suffered through the years. This city is so populated by people and industries that have contributed to the pollution of the water through the years. A natural filter that can be implemented to clean the water is the oysters since they can help to remove excess nitrogen from waters by incorporating into their shells and tissue as they grow, we believe that not many people know about these natural filters. The oysters were very abundant before the industrialization, it was also a traditional food since it was so cheap to obtain, but it was decreasing due to the over-harvesting, water pollution, and burning the oyster shells to obtain lime. The oysters was a form of income for some black people, which helped them to get a better life back then.

What it does

The idea of this game was showed the user what happen when we eliminate the oysters from the water. This game is played by controlling the boat and destroying the enemy while putting some oysters in the water. The water will change the color, showing that it has been contaminated if we don not put enough oysters in the river. The message we are trying to send is that we (the people) are responsible for contaminated the waters.

How We built it

To implement this game, we used Python, Pygame, and an online IDE to collaborate remotely. This software helped us to see in real time any changes in the code that any member did and also run the code. We all agreed with this idea after a long debate on what should be our project about, we considered that the oyster are underrepresented and a few people know about its benefits besides being so delicious.

Challenges I ran into

Being four members in our team and not knowing each other and agreed with one idea, that was our first challenge that we faced. Once we had our topic, it was hard to develop the strategy that we had to follow since we wanted our game to be very user friendly and dynamic, but due to the short time that we had, it was not possible to make it the way we wanted. We also spent so much time trying to figure out what program would be the best to achieve our goal in short period of time. Once we had decided what program to use, we all had to learn how to use it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Firstable, we are so proud by being participants of this Hackathon, some of us learned some new programs and techniques to collaborate remotely and efficiently with other people which we believe that it was very challenging due to the short time, but we overcome it. Even though we didn’t get the result that we wanted, we pushed our limits to do our best and we feel happy with that.

What I learned

We learned to work asa team group, we also discovered that we can learn many things if we really focus on our goal.

What's next for Foster the Oyster

Some of the ideas that we have is creating a virtual tour along the New York City waterfront to show the places where they used to have oysters for sell and also how it was harvested or having a guided tour where people can see the places and also know its history (None of those places exist anymore, but we can show them some pictures). We also thought about given some information about organizations that are restoring the oysters reef in New York City such as the “Billion Oyster Project” or even create our own organization to foster the oysters.

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