WECODE Hackathon Team 8: Foster Connection


Foster Connections is an online database for foster families and former foster children (who now serve as mentors) in the Portland area.

For both foster families and their children, we want to provide a quick, easy to use hub for local resources. These resources are easy for users to manually input and update, which ensures that they are always relevant and current.

Foster Connections also gives easy and secure access to documents stored to Google Drive.


To run or contribute to the project, follow these instructions:

  • Clone down the repo directly (or your fork of the repo)
  • In your terminal, run:
    • npm install
    • npm start
  • Go to localhost:3000 - you should see a running version of the site.

Additionally, the live site can be accessed on foster-connections.herokuapp.com.


  • Up to date list of resources for foster families
  • Mapped location of resources
  • A list of other families who would like to connect
  • Google Drive-powered Digital Locker for secure storage of client documents


With a bit more time, we’d like to add:

  • Ability to create, update, and delete resources
  • Optimization for low-bandwidth, considering many foster children may not have access to high speed internet (or wifi at all, with limited data plans)
  • Actual family data from families
  • Google Drive API to give access to digitized documents stored on Google Drive

Special Thanks

  • Nike and Puppet for hosting the hackathon, and the judges and volunteers for giving their time.

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