The foster care system in the US leaves a large population of underprivileged youth without resources or a support network within a broken infrastructure. Often times kids are left alone and without peers in the same situation as them even as far as being separated from their families in the process of entering the system. This often also leads to a serious of mental health issues that can cause foster children to become depressed, clinically anxious, or even suicidal. We aimed to help remedy this issue by connecting foster kids to one another based on their location and also can connect them to resources to support them in what they need.

What it does

Users can create a profile with various personal information and enter any personal information that they wish to include. Members will link their profile with their location and can use the map view on the "members" page to see other profiles near them and connect with those individuals. There is also a discussion board where members can have talk to one another. Additionally, the site also uses location to provide potential resources for specific areas designated in their profile. For example, a universal resource for all potential members will be resources for foster children.

How we built it

Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript with Express as the library for JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Adding the map API was hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to get a map display on the members page with test point designated based on device location.

What we learned

Learned how to push and pull with github to collaborate.

What's next for Foster Connect

Brainstorm larger applications and potentially also include adoption integration, and also include foster/adoptive parents in the platform as well.

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