We need free and open-source surplus/need processing software to support Aid/resource allocation in local communities using secure and independent solutions.

What it does

The Surplus-Need Equalizer - FOSS aid/resource allocation application can collect aid/resource and surplus/need data in a secure way and process to find effective allocation.

How we built it

The MVP is on as a Multi Step Form with Progress Bar submitting to AirTable and visualizing on OSM with OpenLayers.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of effective teammates and lack of professional developers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Base of the Surplus-Need Equalizer - White Paper
  2. Representative MVP to be able to communicate the main goal easier.

What we learned

Prototyping is key to communicate the vision to the team with diverse background.

What's next for Surplus-Need Equalizer - FOSS aid/resource allocation

The next steps to

  1. find funds to support the developers
  2. move the MVP to a server
  3. encrypt the input data
  4. develop the data-processing algorithm
  5. show the project to cryptography/FOSS communities
  6. publish main task for bounty-hunting
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