Patients with congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, and diabetes often have trouble managing their fluid status - meaning the level of water in their bodies. When away from the hospital, patients often become fluid overloaded and present with peripheral and pleural edema, rapid weight gain, and other symptoms the cause them to be rehospitalized, and thereby increasing medical costs, having poorer patient outcomes, and even increasing mortality.

We believe that patients can take their own care into their own hands and using an affordable, easy-to-use tool, monitor their own volume status through simple maneuvers and recordings.

What it does

Fosco is the solution to that problem. It's a mobile app (currently on iOS but can be applied to Android as well) that helps patients check their weight, signs of peripheral edema, and signs of fluid in the lungs all by themselves. It's simple, easy to use, and most importantly, it employs multiple strategies to keep patients motivated and adhere to their monitoring through things like a weekly self-checkup, daily facts about their condition with applicable lifestyle suggestions, a buddy system to help friends and family keep the patient accountable, and a wealth of resources to help the patient stay educated on their health and the changes in healthcare related to them.

How we built it

The application was build on XCode and utilizes Swift (and SwiftUI) to make the most of iOS and all it has to offer. This includes communicating (with permission of course) with the health app for weight measurements so that patients have a seamless time use the app. The algorithm that analyzes the breath sounds during the weekly self-checkup was written in Python using the librosa library.

Challenges we ran into

Time is most certainly a big constraint for any hackathon. Trying to debug the breath sound algorithm as well as working the the HealthKit IDE for communication with the Health app certainly posed several challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a unique team of a medical student, a psychology student, and an electrical engineer. We are really proud of making a working iOS application that truly integrates the psychosocial aspects of patient care.

What's next for Fosco

  • Additional Languages
  • Accessibility features
  • Text to audio
  • Potential JVP measure - Camera feature
  • Connecting records to doctors
  • Advice peripheral device as long as it is accessible and feasible for patient

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