While I was just a wee boy, I had a dream to tell the fortunes of everyone who asked. This website does it for me.

What it does

The User logs in and gets a fortune. They then have the option to sign up to receive daily text messages with a fortune to liven up their day.

How I built it

I created a React Web App implementing Authentication and Subscriptions with MongoDB. I also created a node.js backend that accepts REST api requests.

Challenges I ran into

A large challenge was getting the domain to work correctly. However, this task was mute compared to debugging a CORS http error in which the issue wasn't even with CORS at all but the fact that I am using a trial version of Twilio which limits the numbers that I can text.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the middleware working between the frontend and backend.

What I learned

MongoDB is easier to work with than I first imagined. It has a lot of great features built in.

What's next for Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller will take over the world.

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