The Story of Fortune Chicken

One fine day, the Guardians were invited by Master Chicken, to Chicken Island, for a Chinese New Year celebration. Master Chicken is the epitome of fortune telling and he lays 5 eggs daily, no more no less. The eggs hold the future for those who master the courage to crack it open.

The Guardians fetched the eggs from the Island of Chicken and caressed them back through the Land of Ionic2 and AngularJS2 so that we can have the future in our pockets!

Along the way, the Guardians met with unfamiliarity through the Land of Ionic2 and AngularJS2 as passengers gave the Guardians vastly diverse perspective that was, overwhelming, time hogging and frustrating.

Through the journey, the Guardians have furnished a complete icon pack, a multi hybrid platform, intense SCSS customisation and a prediction algorithm together with a well-planned preparation to cradle the 5 eggs back to safety.

Since the eggs are back in the safety of the Guardians, Master Chicken would be leaving his duties with Sir Doge who's up next in the Zodiac calendar.


Based off the concept of Fortune Cookies and the Chicken zodiac (2017) for Chinese New Year, we thought it would be amusing to create something entertaining that could be shared amongst family and friends during the festive season.

What it does

Fortune Chicken is an application based on predicting the future. With integration, Fortune Chicken is able to analyse Calendar APIs to evaluate predictions specific to users in the form of crackable eggs.

How we built it

We utilised Cordova (CLI), Ionic2 framework with AngularJS2 to create the interface of Fortune Chicken. Along with Photoshop, full size self-illustrated icon packs, the 2D UI template was formed. Time planning and organisation was critical to the completion of Fortune Chicken. Huat ah!

Challenges we ran into

We had zero experience with the frameworks, with an ambitious intention to overcome the learning curve in one day. It was overbearing to swim through a sea of code and bash through bugs that held our focus. Building an app from scratch was not easy but we met our objectives and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Without prior experience in creating a mobile app, we dived right into the challenge and persevered till the end. We are proud of our first beautiful creation, huat ah!

What we learned

We learned to embrace challenges and discuss difficulties, solve problems together, be really interested to create, enjoy ourselves and be cheerful!

What's next for Fortune Chicken

We would explore further to unlock the secrets and understand the framework better. We would also figure out how to code more elegantly and write less patchy code. We would challenge ourselves to boldly go for more Hackathons. And definitely sleep lots more.

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