Fortum - The Green Journey

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Mission: Designing a compelling service that motivates users to use on daily basis to: Monitor disaggregated energy consumption in order to save energy Understand how to move and schedule usage from peak hours to off-peak hours Empower Pekka and other Fortum customers by providing them a way to create impact for the well-being of the Earth

Fortum loyal customer: Pekka

  • Pekka has been a loyal customer of Fortum for long time.
  • One of the main reasons Pekka chose Fortum was for the green energy.
  • Pekka loves nature and wants to do his best to keep the environment healthy for his child and the generations after him.
  • Pekka has downloaded Fortum app, but is still not using it daily. Why would that be?

Why current solution is not enough for Pekka to get involved?

  • Data display currently focuses on how much electricity costs and how to save money Pekka is motivated more by the environmental impact than possibility of saving couple of bucks
  • There is no actions for Pekka to take in the application
  • Pekka is not engaged and encouraged to use the application daily (regardless of the usage application will not change)
  • Application does not invoke feelings for Pekka
  • Emotional attachment is important factor when engaging customers to become active users

Our solution

  • Green Assistant: Provide customer confidence and knowledge
  • Energy saving recommendations
  • Gamification to engage customers and create impact to environment
  • Point awarded for positive consumption behavior
  • ‘Plant a tree’ movement
  • Customer insights to encourage customers to save energy
  • Consumption disaggregation
  • Energy Usage Comparison

What benefits Fortum receive:

  • Strengthen Fortum’s brand on green energy provision
  • Increase Customer loyalty & lifetime value
  • Raise awareness of clean energy generation
  • Increase conversion to flexible consumption plan
  • Open up opportunities for further service integration

And their customer?

  • Actionable insight on energy saving
  • Better consumption efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction

What else down the road?

  • Demand-Side Management: Fortum App opens up a portal for provider-consumer relationship in which incentive and agreement can be made for consumer power consumption
  • Internet of Things: Fortum App can integrate with IoT devices, enabling smart energy consumption of home appliances.
  • Consumer generated electricity: Fortum App can be utilized for control and manage electricity contributed from the user to the grid.

How did we get here

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