Our motto: Creating passion, building foundations

Not one loves to hit the books and study, seriously, unless you are a hardcore mugger. At Fortignis, we believe the average student can succeed with smiles with no frowns because the days of rote learning are gone!

Plagued with tuition throughout his childhood, the founder hopes that learning can be more interactive and independent in a new world of sharing economy.

We are not just an educational platform. We are a company with the fortitude to ignite change in our education landscape, with a genuine heart.

It is hard to imagine a day when we de-emphasize memorization and focus on creativity. We want to encourage a friendly student culture where seniors can step in to help their juniors. We want to create an environment that can blend students’ psychological needs to their learning. Students can go to school without a heavy bag or even a heavy heart.

That’s why you should Fortignis textbooks from now!

What it does

Assist students to learn together and better knowing their skills and personalities

Challenges I ran into

We did not have adequate manpower to help us with the coding. As it has quite some features, it will take at least a few weeks to develop the entire features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we did a web cover prototype within 12 hours.

What I learned

How to code and how to use HTML. However, as a beginner, it was never easy to completely grasp the knowledge of what has been taught.

What's next for Fortignis

We intend to conduct market research and build a solid customer base.

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