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Fortify is a sleek application for tracking workouts and fitness routines. It combines ease of use, a modern design, and excellent features to make physical fitness easier than ever before. Anybody can sign up, add their workouts, and track their fitness routines using our intuitive interface.


Decline in fitness is a national problem. Four in five Americans do not exercise regularly, and 79% of people currently track their workouts without electronic assistance. Surprisingly, 70% of people indicated they would exercise more frequently with the help of a fitness timing app such as Fortify. Our mission is to make physical fitness accessible and easy for anyone.


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Fortify is an all-encompassing fitness tracking solution. It allows you to store your workouts, track your progress in completing exercises in real time, and incorporates easy-to-use timers to make staying on track during a workout simpler than ever before.


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The Plan

Fortify will expand via a dual marketing process, including both marketing and subscription services. A pro version of Fortify will provide nutrition information before and after workouts, along with timing estimates. Additionally, we will license Fortify Pro out to larger health-conscious companies. There is a large market for Fortify, as recent surveys have found that almost all medium-to-large tech businesses would be willing to invest more money in their employee's health. Fitness is a multi-billion dollar consumer industry ripe for innovation.

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