One of our team members, Ahmed subluxated his shoulder and weakened his rotator cuff muscles severely in a basketball injury. Physiotherapy was difficult to make time for with school and there were few resources online to help. This inspired us to create a healthcare hack that targets physiotherapy and treatment for any afflicted patients.

What it does

Our hack uses the technology of the Myo Armband to sense micro-movements in muscles and their spatial location relative to the body. The high sensitivity permits detection and distinction of any movements using the arm, hands, and fingers. A patient would take a diagnostics test using the armband and judging by their results, they would be assigned a strengthening and treatment routine specific to them. Their results would be tracked and stored in FireBase's database to see their progress.

How we built it

Hacking the Myo Armband gave us several javascript functions associated with each type of movement. This was harnessed and coded to recognize the specific exercises we would want a patient to perform and how well they performed them. We used html and css to form the front end of our web app and used Flask and FireBase to launch our site and store/retrieve data.

Challenges we ran into

Part of using the Myo Armband came with the difficulty of retrieving signal information. This is because the Myo Armband offered a plethora of functions that provided different variable types worth of data. Eventually we decided to go with a string only output as it made the debug console a lot cleaner and easier to work with for a demo. Similarly, while creating our front end, we ran into a problem communicating the data received over time between 2 different parts of the same webpage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of the fact that we managed to use the Myo Armband and actually receive multiple values based on our own custom actions. By the end of the hacking phase we had 4 different functions working for 4 different therapeutic treatments. Similarly, we are extremely proud of how our user interface works and our attractive yet simple home webpage.

What we learned

We learnt how to use a motion sensing device and change the internal capabilities based on its original source code provided. Using hardware is always a long process as there is a lot of testing and troubleshooting required. This was new for us and we found it very enjoyable and enlightening. Once we managed to get our hardware to do exactly what we wanted, the feeling of success was fantastic.

What's next for FortiFlex

We want to keep adding more types of therapeutic treatments. In addition, we feel that some simulations and video examples would make using the Myo Armband and our web interface a lot smoother and easier to use. Eventually once this application starts to help a lot the users with their treatments, a large demand for new treatments and options would be required. This means regular updates and maintenance is also needed. Hopefully, this idea will spark even more creative ideas in the future because it is really enjoyable when you can create something meaningful for society.

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