Introducing 3 smart contracts. FTWSmith, FTWSwap and FTWFarm. FTWSmith allows users to deploy and mint NEP-17 and NEP-11 token contracts in a few clicks without coding challenges. This can be used for business, prototypes, memes and so on. FTWSwap is a simple way to trade one NEP-17 token for another via automated liquidity pools. It allows users to create swap pools with any NEP-17 tokens by providing liquidity. It has a time lock function which prevents users from rug-pulls. Tokens that are minted with FTWSmith can use FTWSwap for its first value discovery. FTWFarm will create staking pools with selected FTWSwap pairs with daily rewards. FTW ecosystem will support tokens from our platform to find its values.


The blockchain markets continues to grow rapidly every day. We’ve found more use cases of blockchain like Art & NFT. The concept of NFT has become so popular and helped bring a huge influx of new people into cryptocurrency and blockchain. However, I haven’t seen much adoption of Fungible tokens as there has been with NFTs. I believe both Fungible tokens and NFTs are large potential markets with tons of use cases. Forthewin ecosystem will create a platform where ordinary users and businesses can easily use both Fungible tokens and NFTs in their daily lives and find more use cases. The motivation is to give everyone the opportunity to create and manage both Fungible tokens and NFTs, help them be successful and allow their tokens to be more heavily adopted into every day life.

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