Send Infusionsoft-generated invoices and collect payment with ease. Now you can spend less time invoicing, collect money sooner, and get back to business faster. No more waiting for the check or for permission to charge a customer. No more playing phone tag to get an updated credit card.

Fortapay is an easy way for your customers to make payment on open Infusionsoft-generated invoices. It's perfect for service professionals who use Infusionsoft to create invoices: consultants, coaches, developers, accountants, attorneys, mechanics and any business that sends invoices and wants to collect their money without hassle.

Easy-to-Pay Invoices Simply create an Infusionsoft invoice and send it via email to your customers. They click a link in the invoice and are automatically and securely logged into your payment portal. They can pay their invoice with an existing credit card on file, add a new card, or even pay with PayPal.

Easily Update Credit Cards Your customer can easily and securely update their credit card information. No more playing phone tag trying to chase down customers with expired credit cards.

Automatic Reminders of Past Due Invoices With Fortapay, you can automatically send past due email reminders of open invoices. Collections just hired a new guy--Fortapay.

Complete Invoice History Allow your customers to view, download or print all of their invoices from one secure location.

View and Manage Subscriptions Your customers can view and manage all subscriptions/auto-charges. They can view billing dates, see which card is associated with each subscription and make changes to billing information and credit cards associated with their subscriptions.

Easy Update for Customers Your customers can change their billing address, shipping address, and other profile information, including email address. You have complete control over which contact fields your customers can update.

Total Outstanding Balance Displayed Your customers can conveniently view their total outstanding balance of all unpaid invoices when logged into your Fortapay-powered Billing Center.

Customize Friendly You can customize your payment portal so it looks like a seemless part of your business. Upload your logo and customize your invoices and content.

Mobile Friendly Your customers can view and pay their invoices using their mobile devices. Fortapay is completely mobile friendly, making it just one more way you'll get paid faster.

PayPal Friendly Accept Paypal with ease. Give your customers options-- and get paid faster.

Get Notified of Payment You can receive instant email notification when your customers pay their invoices. Cha-ching!

Seamless Infusionsoft Integration Fortapay seamlessly integrates with your Infusionsoft app, keeping your customers' credit cards, contact info and billing info stored all in one secure place. Managing collections has never been easier!

Fast Set Up You can start invoicing your customers using the Fortapay app in minutes.

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