forRealEstateNYC is a unique and highly-visual app that brilliantly combines New York property sales data from the last decade with real-time property-related feeds from popular social sites such as foursquare and twitter. A data warehouse containing roughly 800,000 property sales was constructed which includes historical and current property data across all 5 boroughs. The 3-dimensional nature of the data "cube" allows property data to be sliced, diced, filtered, grouped, and sorted in an unlimited number of ways. Users/Usages: -perspective buyers-real estate agents scoping neighborhoods for sales trends-sellers looking for relative home prices of their neighbors Once a user has selected their initial filter criteria, the real fun begins. Every property sale can be visualized graphically to help users better perform such tasks as looking for real estate trends or identifying the transaction details of a single property's historical sales. A user can analyze thousands of property sales at once and then organize and navigate them in richly visual ways, seamlessly zooming into high resolution map images and panning around to find what the data they are looking for. All property sales are represented within the app as building images. -Key data elements like sale price, sale date, and neighborhood, as well as map images, are overlaid onto the building. -A nearby USPS mailbox graphically displays the property's zip code. -A city map lets a user quickly know what borough the property resides in. As does the "I (heart) My Borough" placard above the building's front door. -Aerial map imagery and street photography allow a user to get a realistic view of the property and surrounding neighborhood. -And look, the twitter bird is hanging out in a nearby tree and a quick click by the user will retrieve real-time tweets from the neighborhood. -Not to be outdone, the foursquare team has spray-painted a graffiti mural onto the building facade, allowing users to find out about popular nearby places, from bars and restaurants to events and local businesses. You have never experienced real estate data quite like this. For real.

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