In today’s forums, information flows in one direction. For example, if someone were to reply to a question in a large thread, there is no way the topic starter would know unless he scrolls through the entire thread. A common forum practice of ‘Quoting’ also wastes space, and again the user has to waste precious time flipping through many pages before he gets to relevant info.

Introducing Foro – a new type of forum that lets you consume information in a time-efficient & organized way. With forward-backward traversal, users can immediately see all relevant replies to their post. For example, Ben posted a topic asking the best place to have dinner in town. He can see 3 people have replied and he can then easily click on each to view them instantly, skipping through irrelevant noise.

With traditional linear forums, the structure is not clear and you might get confused which replies are for which posts. But with Foro, you can view the entire conversation in a structured manner. You can follow branches of conversations downwards and upwards again, and join another branch.

Other user-friendly features of Foro is the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editor that allows users to customize their posts with ease.

What’s best about Foro is its clean and minimalist user-interface. This makes viewing information easy on the eyes.

In conclusion, Foro is new cutting edge forum that lets you easily post, reply and follow information in a smarter, more organized manner. What are you waiting for, try Foro today for an enhanced forum experience!

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