I'm also a physics major, and I spend a lot of my time on Messenger talking physics problems with my friends from class or even just in general, and I really hate having to type math with just the ugly nested parentheses and brackets you end up having to use with plain text. And constants that are represented by Greek letters and stuff like that are just even worse to try and deal with. So I figured I'd make a tool to make this easier!

What it does

It allows you to write mathjax in messenger chats using its own separate input box and rendering section

How I built it

Chrome extension that uses MathJax to do the rendering of the

Challenges I ran into

Properly injecting the mathjax into the page. I actually haven't quite resolved this yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The logo

I have this big compulsion to just waste time making graphics that are ultimately aren't even that significant. So obviously spending a long time on the icon for a chrome extension was right up my alley :|

What I learned

Well, how to make a more complicated chrome extension. Most of the Chrome extensions I've made so far were just jokes or for fun, so I did very basic things with them. But for this, I had to actually do more interaction with the content on the page, which was a pretty new experience for me.

What's next for Formulaic

Finishing it, mainly xD

Built With

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