Kristin is a youth minister and sees a need for an app that will help students engage with the Bible.

The Formed App prompts students to read sections of scripture and gives opportunities to respond and reflect on those scriptures. There is also a social component to this app, allowing groups within a church to share their thoughts on the scriptures with each other. There is opportunity in the future for push notifications to remind students to read, for youth ministers to create their own lessons, and for youth ministers to keep up with engagement rates for different students.

How we built it: Each member of the teach tackled a different component of the project. Chance focused on front end, Dustin on backend, Kristin on content and the idea, and Kevin on the design.

Challenges we ran into: Thinking about how to sell to the target market. How much are youth ministers willing to pay for this app? We also ran into some trouble with the backend development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: working together as a team and making good progress.

What we learned : A team with different strengths is able to really move forward on the project. The team, by chance, included a backend developer, front end developer, content writer and visionary, and a graphic designer. It allowed us to work on all aspects the app over the weekend.

What's next for Formed App more team meetings to explore the future of the app. Still need to build more development to get to Beta release stage. Create a test group with a few small youth groups to look for bugs and test usability.

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