One of the team members at a previous job faced a bottleneck - information about his adaptation problems could not reach the people who were able to solve them. So he had to leave that job, even though he liked that company. After that we decided to build solution which will measure employee experience and engagement not only on deparment or location levels, but on particular employees pains and needs.

Problem and how we solve it

Employees today are suffering the stress of the Pandemic, work from home, family worries, and economic uncertainty. Health and wellbeing have become the center of the work experience, and empowering and coordinating the company — is driving success. Most of people management platforms gather data using annual and pulse surveys or feedbacks, but show only aggregated data. It is very difficult to understand problems of a particular employee and solve them while working remotely using such tools. Our solution is designed to collect employee feedbacks and provide the most detailed information about their pains and needs, while maintaining the confidentiality of survey data.

How we built it

We use quite popular tech stack (java,react) to make our solution flexbile and scalable for enterprise needs

Challenges we ran into

Despite the large number of solutions on the market, many of them do not meet important requirements from HRs, Line managers or Leadership, and, when analyzed in detail, many of them lack of flexibility and scalability. However, some of their features are quite in demand. So the main problem for us was the specification MVP scope in such conditions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used our own research on nudge theory in our program design. In the pandemic world, the importance of nudges has grown significantly, but only 1 vendor on the market (Humu) offers such solution.

What we learned

We understood what mistakes should not be made during the development of startups :)

What's next for formeasure

We are finishing the beta testing process. At the same time, our team lacks competencies in the promotion and sales of such solutions to the American and European markets.

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