It is clear that no one significant in DeFi thinks intelligently about hedging risks over a long period of time. It’s all about maximizing APY. Continuously chasing yield may work in the short term, there are inherent risks that may materialize when a market correction suddenly takes over. A more dependable source of returns is also needed. Formation Fi is here to ensure DeFi can mature and the first step is taking Risk Management seriously.

What it does

Formation Fi is revolutionizing portfolio construction by introducing a risk-adjusted portfolio of decentralized open financial crypto assets in the form of algorithmically rebasing indexes, with a high degree of composability, across the major blockchain networks using the basic principles of the Risk Parity movement. Currently The platforms on the market do not address any of these huge concerns of risks, everywhere you go they only talk about how much money you can make and hide the idea that you could also lose a lot We are creating a platform where you can easily manage Through our systematic architecture that constructs a risk-adjusted portfolio that optimizes the return-to-risk ratio for each unit of risk, ultimately delivering a superior return over time. Think about a hedge fund portfolio that is optimized to give you relatively similar APY returns but during times of slippage and rugpull we will be able to minimize your losses.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

Currently we don't see any protocol having a risk factor strategy properly developed for its users. Its a long process and it will take time, currently we are working with a team of 5 hedge fund managers, 3 Quants, and risk parity architects to be able to deliver pure risk parity portfolio construction that will automate your risk to reward ratio when it comes to yield farming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Over the months, we were able to gain amazing support from many different communities globally.

  1. SOCIALS Telegram Community: 39,000+ Members Twitter: 61,000+ Followers Medium: 4,300 Followers

  2. FUNDING Secured: 3.3 Million from Top Industry Leaders Investors: Founders of Bancor, Co-Founder of Polygon, Founders of Synthetix, Co-founder of Polygon, Kenetic, Kosmos, Spark Capital, AU21, Shima Capital, X21 Digital, Momentum 6, GenBlock, GBV Capital, Lotus Capital, Shima Capital, TRGC, Brilliance Ventures, Moonwhale, Autonomy, Magnus Capital, Faculty Group, Clinchblock, Blocksync Ventures, CDF, ExNetwork, Raptor Capital, Titan Ventures, GD10 Ventures, Blockstar.

  3. IDO Formation Fi Breaks All-Time SHO Registration Record (6,020 SHO) 14.4 MILLION DAO POWER COMMITTED = $45 MILLION ($DAO+ $USDC) 200 Times Oversubscribed from public sale amount.

What we learned

Throughout the process, we have learned a lot from community building, fundraising, community feedback, development bottlenecks, etc. To follow the most up to date news: link link

What's next for Formation Fi

Formation Fi is prepping for our v1 ALPHA launch. V1 will start with the ERC-Mainnet and BSC with a dedicated custom-built bridge (by the end of Q2/early Q3). Co currently will then add L2 Polygon and HECO with custom bridges between them and connect them to the ERC-Mainnet and BSC (by the end of Q3/early Q4). We have been also approached by Polka and Avalanche so we will be most likely integrating with them, also Solana.

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