How many times have you heard from professors you can't cite Wikipedia as source for your writing assignment? How many rumors goes around crypto space without checking with original news?

What it does

Form allows anyone to edit or fork information online and tracks versions of knowledge/information, providing us with clean, thorough information flow and helping us make better judgements. Git version tracking has been very useful for us programmers to share our wisdom and accelerate the development. We want to expand the hacker sharing culture to track the common knowledge on the internet, on the wikipedia, on the news channel etc.

How we built it

The MVP: We have a home page with search bar and popular topic for user to navigate the knowledge base. Home page is linked to the document pages which hold the original information of the topic in markdown. Users can choose to edit the content and the edited information is hashed and saved using Git microservices. The hashes from the Git is also saved to the blockchain, cosmos here specifically. We chose Cosmos, so that if there are informations that are stored on the other blockchains like everipedia on EOS can be migrated to our blockchain if needed in the future.

What we learned

What we learned most is from experiencing with Cosmos SDK. We are happy that we are incentivized to learn this new technology other than just building Dapps on ethereum. We realize that more time is needed to use the SDK for us and we want to continue the learning post hackathon.

What's next for Form

Continue integrate with the cosmos Transfer knowledge across blockchains Explore use cases in wikipedia or news

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