We were inspired by all the unnecessary plastic waste we see around us, even at BoilerMake. Plasticware for every participant for every meal is harmful for the environment and unsustainable long term. We developed Forku due to our desire to alleviate this waste by matching many of us who rarely use all our silverware with those who need it for large events.

What it does

ForkU allows people to list their extra utensils in our database. Then, people in need of utensils can request them at a specified date and time. ForkU can take care of the cleaning and delivery* and allow people to depend less on disposable plastic materials.

How we built it

We used Frank.

Challenges we ran into

Deciding on an idea. Centering stuff. Not knowing how to do anything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Staying here for 36 hours and not giving up.

What we learned

Have faster decision about the idea and choose the one everyone can contribute to.

What's next for ForkU

The roadmap consists of

  • Improve UX/ UI
  • Can add more data for each user, item, request and category
  • More supports for each specific type of user, item, request and category
  • More log-in methods
  • Adding items with camera
  • Incentive offering system
  • Logistic and transportation management system
  • Suggestion System
  • Visualization of environmental positive impact from using our application

Built With

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