We wanted to build something that addresses the food waste issue. There are already food banks in the us which collect almost expired food and ingredients and distribute them into the community. But we noticed a gap in use for post consumer foods. The current solution is to use compost bins, most of which are poorly sorted and likely thrown in the trash. We sought out a better way, a way that lets restaurants re-use their food waste in more productive ways.

What it does

It connects restaurants with consumers of food waste. These consumers include hungry individuals looking for food and ingredients, farmers looking to feed livestock or create compost to entrepreneurs seeking a way to monetize food waste. With a slight change to the compost system, this can reduce the amount of food waste. Users use an interactive map to view nearby restaurants willing to give up their food waste. They can schedule regular pickup times and build relationships with the restaurants. These relationships reduce costs for their respective parties, reduce food waste, and overall feel pretty good.

How we built it

We used js with the tom tom api to build a rough model of the app.

Challenges we ran into

Learning APIs and languages on the fly is always difficult in a jam.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are glad we spent the extra time to research the problem as a whole. I feel like we tackled problem in a novel but significant approach.

What we learned

We learned about the ins and outs of food waste disposal.

What's next for ForkToFarm

Expanding the app and learning more. We need a deeper understanding of legal and logistical complications with our food waste recycling program. From there, we can develop a pilot program for farmers and restaurants.

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