After attending the hackathon in ETHDenver and paying for our food at the food trucks with crypto I was fascinated by the concept. I've had the idea of building a streamlined Point of Sale System before I started in blockchain space and feel like I had the opportunity to

What it does

Fork is a mobile mini dapp that allows you to seamlessly and effortlessly purchase food at a food truck or restaurant ahead of time, avoiding the wait and being notified when your food is ready.

How I built it

I built Fork as a mini dapp inside of the Alice crypto super app. Alice is focused on bringing more utility and liquidity to Ethereum applications by focusing on mobile first solutions. Fork taps into Alice's SDK to get access to camera features, push notifications and the ethereum blockchain.

Challenges I ran into

There were challenges finding ways to handle the orders. I tried to build out a state channel solution and meta transaction solution but had to resort to just ethereum transactions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a solution that represents the simplicity and gracious solutions that I'm trying to bring to the crypto space by refining the interactions users can make due to the versatility of cryptocurrency.

What I learned

I learned that a solution like this is totally viable for implementation at ETHGlobal events and people are really responsive to simple interfaces that have a user friendly interface.

What's next for Fork

I would love to talk to ETHGlobal and ETHDenver about implementing this in the hackathons to eventually start handling food purchases within events like festivals and conferences worldwide.

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