Many things are forgotten on certain, typical situations like packing your holiday suitcase. Once arrived at your destination you might find that you forgot something - again - and swear to yourself that you think about it next time. Maybe you even write it done on a sheet of paper which you will probably lose long before packing for your next vacation. And then, how likely will you remember the things you usually forget?

What it does

The app keeps track of forgotten things for configurable occasions. In detail, you first create an occasion which consists of a name and a set of tags. For example, your occasion could be called "Winter Holiday 2016" with the tags "holiday" and "winter". In this occasion's list you add the things you forgot on that occasion.

Later, when preparing for the next occasion, you can enter tags on the app's main screen. For example, type "holiday", and maybe also "summer". Then, the app will combine your stored lists of forgotten things for occasions whose tags match with your query and present you a list of things you should remember for the new occasion!

How I built it

Using Android Studio, Firebase, and my hands.

Challenges I ran into

Building a new app based on a rough idea within a short time is challenging, especially when done for the first time. Issues, but also more advanced questions (which were less relevant if not even irrelevant for the hack itself) regarding the login flow with Firebase delayed my progress.

Similarly, general lack of experience with Firebase and some Android APIs was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I got the core functionality working within the time frame. Less functionality than I hoped for but, eh, it works!

What I learned

  • Getting a project from a rough idea to a basic prototype in 36 hours is challenging but possible and fun :)
  • Firebase is great for real-time databases with offline capabilities. Their login mechanism (using email/password), especially caching authentication, confuses me and could be better (documented?).

What's next for Forgotten Again

  • Sharing is caring. Users should be able to benefit from lists created by others, so they can learn from other people's mistakes/forgotten things and not only from their own. For this, additional "negative" lists to filter out unnecessary
  • There's more than just text tags. How about geolocation information? Similarly, temporal information could enhance the functionality.
  • Predict occasions. Got a booking confirmation email in your inbox? Looks, like you're going on vacation again! Thus, the app should automatically detect that and present a matching list of things to thinks of.
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