We are so done with forgetting things while travelling!

What it does

It takes as input a city's name and a number of days you're suppose to be travelling to that city. Then it shows you the average temperature in that city and a list of those things you should bring with you(clothes, mobile charger, toothbrush, and so on). It also let's you chose some complementary lists.

How I built it

With a lot of effort and a few hours of sleep.

Challenges I ran into

Calling API's with nested JSON Objects, working on Asyncronous Threads, using our own DataBase(we actually couldn't make it work)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managet to connect to the API and to use asyncronous tasks, and most of all, the way we collaborate with each other.

What I learned

For some of the group, to code in Android Studio, java and xml files. And again, the API calls anf the backgrount threads.

What's next for ForgetNothing

To learn how to use the DataBase we created, to allow the user to create its own lists, to add some extra options (if you will be able to wash your clothes or no...), to improve the design, any many more things

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