🍋 When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! When we were developing the Forge apps, we came across a barrier. We needed a tool to browse and modify Forge Storage data. Atlassian doesn't provide such tools, so we made our own. Forge Storage Browser is a significant utility when app development – whether it's a custom app or it's already published on the Marketplace.

What it does

Using Forge Storage Browser allows users to:

  • Browsing Forge Storage
  • Adding, editing, and deleting entries in Forge Storage
  • Browsing and modifying Issue Properties, Project Properties, Confluence Page Properties, Confluence Space Properties

How we built it

We created a panel that initially had tabs only related to the modification of Forge Storage. Since the solution was prepared in a very generic way, this allowed us to implement the rest of the functionality. As a result, now it is possible to search and manage the mentioned properties. What's better, you can easily extend this panel with another API that stores data in key-value form.

Challenges we ran into

We created it as a generic view that differs in the API used depending on the functionality. This is our very first module published as an NPJM suite. As it’s said: the first pancake is always spoiled, so we must be careful to do it right. We put lots of effort into properly preparing the repository and the way of building public modules. The community loved the component, and other developers have started using the feature, so we were able to notice new bugs. We reacted immediately and adapted the tool to unique needs and conditions. We’re still waiting for feedback and areas that can be improved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since we’ve developed this component, you must write code to clear the Forge Storage or, even worse, create a brand new Jira or Confluence instance. Thanks to Forge Storage Browser, there’s no longer a need for that. Our tool will do just fine.

What we learned

This time we learned how to release components on NPJM. We had to invent and figure out the continuous integration process.

What's next for Forge Storage Browser

We’re going to expand the tool according to Community needs. The feedback is priceless and the lead player here.

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