In some Circumstance, they might be need to perform certain actions, events, tasks, notes etc on Certain Issues to your teams.

You can use this app to create or pass additional notes or tasks that is needed to be performed on certain issues in real-time to your teams

Example of Uses Cases: 1.) The Team Admin can use the Issues Notes Todolist App to inform Assignees Mr. John and Rachael that they will have to rework on the issue with summary title 101.

2.) The Team Head can use the app to inform other assignees that Issue summary 102 was re-opened by our Customer. And that it must be given High Priority and must be resolved today by Racheal Support Team.

How we built it

1.) Atlassian Storage API for data storage, Queries and managements.

2.)Forge UI KITS(beta) Components Eg. Code, render, Fragment,Macro, MacroConfig, InlineDialog, ModalDialog, Text, Strong, IssuePanel,Button, ButtonSet, useProductContext, useState, Component, useEffect, ConfigForm, Form, Option, Select, TextArea, TextField,UserPicker, RadioGroup, Radio, Heading, SectionMessage, Table, Head, Row, Cell, rowsPerPage

What's next for Forge Issues Notes Todolist

Ability to Edit and Delete Notes to and from Forge Storage API

Built With

  • atlassian-storage-api
  • forge-ui-kits
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