We wanted a easy way to search and insert images in our confluence pages. Unsplash is one of the leading providers of good quality free and open source images. We wanted a way to integerate Usplash into Atlassian products.

This saves time for users who want to insert related images into their Atlassian workspaces.

What it does

It lets user search images using a keyword and then insert it in the confluence page. Images are fetched using unsplash API. Also, user can select different sizes of images (small/medium/large/regular) using the macro configuration settings.

How I built it

We built it using Atlassian Forge platform. We have used forge API and UI components. The code is written using node/typescript.

What's next for Forge Insert Image

We plan to integerate multiple Image APIs like pexels etc and also let user search and select images using a separate modal dialog.

Built With

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