We wanted to create a easy way to add a rating section to confluence pages. This rating macro lets you do that, and also creates new JIRAs for the responses. The rating text, buttons and other options are completely customizable.

The rating can be done anonymous or with the user name.

What it does

This macro lets the user add a fully-customizable rating section to any part of the confluence page. Any responses to the rating section are created as a new JIRA (according to the user settings).
The ratings can be made anonymous also.

The rating is a 5 point scale. The text of the Rating button as well the text of the rating scale is customizable from the macro config settings.

This saves a lot of time when asking for product reviews, content reviews etc

How I built it

This was built using Atlassian Forge platform. The code is written using node.js/typescript. It also requires permission to write to JIRA.

Challenges I ran into

Initially setting various states in the rating form was difficult, but a good understand of the forge API helped to fix the issues.

What's next for Forge Customizable Ratings

We want to work on customising the UI of the ratings form, and also launch it for other atlassian cloud products.

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